Critical Error

An error was encountered during the lifetime of the application.

This could be due to a variety of problems, such as a bug in the application.

However, normally it is caused by misconfiguration.

Exception Details

Error: PDOException

Message: SQLSTATE[42000] [1044] Access denied for user 'sanasol_ro'@'localhost' to database 'sanasol_demo'

File: /home/admin/web/

File Line Function/Method
/home/admin/web/ 81 PDO::__construct()
/home/admin/web/ 94 Flux_Connection::connect()
/home/admin/web/ 159 Flux_Connection::getConnection()
/home/admin/web/ 39 Flux_Connection::getStatement()
/home/admin/web/ 337 include()
/home/admin/web/ 168 Flux_Template::render()
/home/admin/web/ 177 Flux_Dispatcher::dispatch()

Exception Trace As String

#0 /home/admin/web/ PDO->__construct(*hidden*)
#1 /home/admin/web/ Flux_Connection->connect(Object(Flux_Config))
#2 /home/admin/web/ Flux_Connection->getConnection()
#3 /home/admin/web/ Flux_Connection->getStatement('SELECT count(*)...')
#4 /home/admin/web/ include('/home/admin/web...')
#5 /home/admin/web/ Flux_Template->render()
#6 /home/admin/web/ Flux_Dispatcher->dispatch(Array)
#7 {main}