My Services

Hello! My name is Alex.

I’m web-developer and scriptwriter.

My skills: *Athena scripts, PHP, web(HTML, CSS), JS, Python, Bash, C/C#(*Athena sources)

My athena profiles:

Services: I am pleased to offer my services in client editing, server setup, writing scripts, source code and all sorts of web scripts.

Price: Price depends on my interest, operation time and a particular task. An hour of my time is worth about $15. But it doesn’t mean that 10 hours work will cost $150, it really can be $50 for example.

Examples: Examples of work you can find here in the blog and in the athena profiles.

How to contact me: There is lot of ways! Email: [email protected], ICQ: 749061, Skype: sanasol2008, PM on any forum, you can even try to add me on steam: sanasol2008