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WoE Ranking + FluxCP Addon

Friday, 24 January, 2014

WoE ranking source mod and FluxCP addon

Statistics for every player, every WoE

  • Search by char name
  • Search by guild name
  • Clicking on char guild emblem in ranking will show all chars from this guild(search by guild name)
  • Separate stats for every WoE
  • Character full stats with kills/deaths listing
  • Switchable view for ranking: table and blocks(remembers choice after reloading page/closing browser)
  • In Blocks view character ‘avatar’ generates dynamically using magic and RMS simulator

Full info with screens and demo here:

or you can purchase it just now 😉

FluxCP “Addon” – LangSwitcher

Saturday, 11 January, 2014


Unfortunately, can’t do it as addon.
So we have to work a little

FIrstly need open FluxCP/lib/Flux.php

Find this

And add few lines after

Here you should change $dictionary to your own lang list. For example: “lang_key” => “lang_file” and create translation file in FluxCP/lang/named lang_file.php

And now output switcher
Open FluxCP/themes/your_theme/footer.php or other theme part where you want to place it.

For default theme I added to footer.php some magic code

before this line

add this

Very simple code.
You see lang links where data-lang = lang_key

Thats all!

When you save it and visit your site you will see something like this


Now you can change language in your FluxCP.

Demo available here:…xcp/?module=woe
Only this page have differences in langs

Interesting fact: drawing logo (two flags with poring(from DeviantArt)) took more time than writing code

PvP Ranking for FluxCP

Wednesday, 4 September, 2013

Ghost’s script version


Mercenary Ranking Addon FluxCP

Thursday, 29 August, 2013

Sorting by Loyalty or/and Contracts
Separetely for each mercenary class
Search by character name or id687474703a2f2f6473726f2e72752f6779617a6f2f696d616765732f353161376661343337616236346464376162393830333635623732372e706e67 687474703a2f2f6473726f2e72752f6779617a6f2f696d616765732f396433646334643965306430323164633539336261343761373036612e706e67



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